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 Each Western Civilization PicturePack Collection covers one of fifteen major periods in the history of Western Civilization.  Each Collection contains a thorough, in-depth series of visual lessons - each one a segment of history, told in beautiful large-size images and historical captions (articles). PicturePacks are inexpensive, and allow you to order just the historical content you need.  Created in html (web-based) format,  PicturePacks run in your own Windows web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator), so the PicturePack "look and feel" is friendly and familiar, and there is no installation and minimal user instruction. PicturePacks allow independent study, but they are also resources, designed to allow you to use the rich, varied content to create presentations, handouts, student reports, and much more.  Simple, clear instructions are included. PicturePack Collections are delivered on CD.

CONTENTS Collection J: Industrial, Political and Social Revolutions, 1815 - 1850J   

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    Western Civilization PicturePacks
     A Early Civilizations to 500 B.C.
     B Greek, Hellenistic 200-31 B.C.
     C Rome, Christianity 31 B.C.-71 A.D.
     D Foundations of Europe, 700-1200
     E The Middle Ages 1200-1500
     F Italian Renaissance, 1300-1550
     G The Reformation, 1517-1600
     H Nation States 1600-1715
     I Enlightenment, French Revolution
     J Revolutions, 1815 - 1850
     K Nationalism, Militarism 1850-1914
     L WWI, Russian Revolution
     M Between the Wars, 1920 - 1939
     N WWII, 1939 - 1945
     O Global Civilization 1945-Present





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   Western Civilization PicturePack

Collection J:
Industrial, Political and
Social Revolutions,
1815 - 1850

All the PicturePacks listed below are
included in this PicturePack Collection.
All images full screen, with articles.



PicturePack WCJ01: Europe and England in the Early 19th CenturyThe Congress of Vienna, 1814-1815 ● Map: Europe after the Congress of Vienna ● Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Périgord, 1815 ● Prince Clemens von Metternich (1773-1859) ● Alexander I of Russia (1801-1825) ● Naval battle in Greek struggle for independence ● Louis XVIII of France, who ruled 1814-1824 ● "The phoenix rises from its ashes," 1815 ● A member of the French Carbonari, 1820 ● Map: peoples under the Hapsburg monarchy ● The poet George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824) ● The battle at Navarino, October 20, 1827 ● George IV of England (1762-1830) ● Cartoon, public support for Caroline of Brunswick ● Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria ● The Royal Stock Exchange in London, England ● Bombardment of Algiers by Lord Exmouth, 1816 ● 19th-century cannon at Culzean Castle, Scotland ● British ships destroy Chinese war junks, 1841 

PicturePack WCJ02: 19th-Century EnglandHong Kong nursemaids for British children ● The Parliament buildings, London ● An 1819 lampoon of those fearing reform ● A cartoon criticizing opponents of reform ● Parliament buildings, London, land side ● The chamber of the House of Lords ● A cartoon on the repeal of the Corn Laws ● Peel's Cheap Bread Shop ● John Russell and Richard Cobden separate ● "Worker presents Russell the Great Charter." ● A cartoon portraying the Irish as dull and stupid ● A cartoon about Irish absentee landlords ● Daniel O'Connell ● "Absolutism for Apostasy," 1829 ● A cartoon about the Catholic Emancipation bill ● Robert Peel as "The Modern Sisyphus." ● Irish carry their dead during the 1847 famine ● Starving Irish children in 1847 potato famine ● English landlords evict Irish cottagers ● English farm land, showing small fields ● A 19th-century English plow ● Mowing grass ● Apple harvest in early 19th-century England ● The threshing process, 18th century ● A cartoon opposing the English game laws ● "Literary Leisure," ridiculing the working class ● Cartoon justifying agricultural workers’ sabotage ● Cartoon on the 1830 British agricultural revolts ● Cartoon, Peel refuses to help farm laborers ● Value of a farm worker less than that of a hog ● Slaves in the British colony of Jamaica ● An 1826 pro-slavery cartoon ● A British corvette interdicts a slaver, 1820's  

PicturePack WCJ03: France: From Monarchy to Louis Bonaparte"La Cruche," a cartoon lampooning Charles X ● A barricade in the French 1830 July Revolution ● Troops join with revolutionaries ● Louis-Philippe rides into Paris, 1830 ● Metternich and Francis II react to revolutions ● A cartoon about the creation of Belgium in 1830 ● The French campaign in Algeria ● A caricature of Louis-Philippe as a pear ● The Parisian poor in 1831 ● "The Legislative Belly," by Honoré Daumier ● The Rhine crisis of 1840 ● "The John-Bull Fight of Louis-Philippe." ● "Monsieur Guizot de la Guizotine." ● Parisians burn the throne, 1848 ● A barricade on the Boulevard Montmartre in 1848 ● Duchess of Orléans presents Count to deputies ● Lamartine speaks from the Hôtel de Ville, Paris ● "Put Out!" King Louis-Philippe is extinguished ● A demonstration during the Revolution of 1848 ● Parisians march into the Assembly, May 15, 1848 ● The Labor Commission in the Luxembourg Palace ● A National Workshop ● The June Days of 1848 in Paris ● French workers vs. English competitors ● Cartoon, socialists try to add to constitution ● Cartoon, uninvolved worker returns to happy home ● Cartoon, involved worker returns home drunk ● Cartoon, enemies attack French Second Republic ● "Napoleonic Ideas." ● Parisians recognize the threat from the Right ● Cartoon, French Republic contemplating suicide ● The 45-centime surtax ● "The Votes of December 10." ● Thiers tries to destroy the monster of socialism ● De Falloux, minister in cabinet of Odilon Barrot ● "Trying to strangle universal suffrage." ● Victor Hugo, political activist, poet, novelist   

PicturePack WCJ04: France Inspires Revolutions in Germany and Prussia Pius IX wields club of liberty against despotism ● Royalty trembles before appearance of Liberty ● "Royalty in Distress." ● A barricade in the Breiten-Strasse, Berlin, 1848 ● Revolutionaries storm the Berlin Arsenal, 1848 ● Prussian revolutionary sweeps away privilege ● The German National Assembly, Frankfurt, 1848 ● German revolutionaries drive out reactionaries ● Louis Kossuth (1802-1894) ● "Three Pillars of Austro-Croatian Civilization"     

PicturePack WCJ05: Work on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution A family of woodcutters in Normandy, 1847 ● A peasant thatching a roof in Normandy, 1847 ● Traditional costume of a Breton peasant woman ● Traditional costume of a Norman peasant woman ● A woman milking a cow ● Harvesting grapes at Médoc, near Bordeaux ● A tailor and his apprentices, early 19th century ● A "modern" potter's wheel, 1847 ● A needle grinder or pointer ● Hatters making felt hats at a "kettle," 1847 ● Sack women on London Bridge, 1847 ● A furrier/skinner in Germany ● A watch and clock repairman in Berlin ● A German saddle-maker ● Windows in homes of silk weavers, Spitalfields ● Breaking flax ● Mining in the 18th century ● Iron mining in the 18th century ● Steam power applied to mining, 1835 ● An explosion in a coal mine, 1867 ● Miners descending a shaft ● Coal being loaded into cars, 1835 ● A fired French miner and his family leaving ● Steps in making charcoal, 18th century ● The workshop of a master iron maker, 18th century ● Forging wrought iron, 18th century ● First cast iron bridge, Ironbridge, England, 1789 ● Putter dragging a car filled with coal, 1843 ● Girls haul coal up ladders in a mine ● Factory children attend a Sunday school ● Cartoon, exploitation of British coal miners ● Attack on the New Union Work house, 1842    

PicturePack WCJ06: Industry & Transportation in the Early 19th Century ● Stockport, Lancashire, 1836 ● An industrial landscape in 1833 ● Boys in the Anglee paper mill, 18th century ● Boy preparing tobacco in cigarmaking, 1847 ● Implements used by a compositor, 1847 ● A compositor at work, 1847 ● An 18th-century printing press ● Carding, roving, and drawing cotton ● The flying shuttle loom, 1733 ● A spinning jenny ● Hand-loom weaver, Germany, early 19th century ● Sir Richard Arkwright ● Arkwright's spinning machine, patented 1769 ● Samuel Crompton's "mule," 1779 ● Orrell cotton factory in Stockport, England ● Power-loom weaving ● Cotton factories in Manchester ● Calico printing in Lancashire ● Making cards for the Jacquard loom ● A Newcomen atmospheric steam engine ● James Watt (1736-1819), British inventor ● "Puffing Billy," by William Hedley, 1804 ● George Stephenson's famous "Rocket" of 1829 ● The Railway Juggernaut of 1845 ● A 19th-century English steam locomotive ● An early steam tractor ● The Mainz market ship, early 19th century ● An early British steamship, 1815 ● The first Frankfurt steamboat, 1844 ● Canal locks In the 18th century ● An 18th-century canal in Birmingham, England ● The canal locks in Birmingham ● Canal traffic in London, 1828 ● Bargemen on the Thames River, London ● A suspension bridge over the Thames, 1828 ● The Thames tunnel, London, 1847 ● Asylum in Lambeth parish, Surrey, 1811   

PicturePack WCJ07: Life, Literature & Theater in the Early 19th Century Townhouses in London's Regent's Park district ● Serving counter of Paris outdoor café, ca. 1820 ● Bathing at Brighton Beach, 1836 ● Women's fashions in London, 1816 ● Women's fashions in London, 1828 ● "The Toilet of a Modern Belle: Inflating a Lady." ● The hansom cab, mid-19th century ● An omnibus, mid-19th century ● The "Drasine" or hobby horse bicycle, 1816 ● Cockfighting in London, 1821 ● "Beer Street," by William Hogarth, 1751 ● A cartoon pleading for unadulterated beer ● "Gin Lane," by William Hogarth, 1751 ● "The Bottle," a series by George Cruikshank ● A workhouse ● The Pass-Room at Bridewell Prison, London, 1811 ● A water-engine at Cold-Bath Fields' Prison ● Prisoners' treadmill, Bixton House of Correction ● A prisoner at crank labor ● Owen's plan for an Indiana model community ● Charlotte Brontë (1816-1855) ● Charles Dickens (1812-1870) ● Illustration from Dickens' Oliver Twist ● Dickens' Eight Bells Inn ● George Sand (1804-1876), French feminist novelist ● The French novelist Honoré de Balzac ● Heinrich Heine, a German romantic poet ● Edmund Kean, premier English actor ● Surrey Theater in London, ca. 1828 ● Illustration by William Blake  

PicturePack WCJ08: Science in the Early 19th CenturyCartoon ridiculing the ideas of Proudhon ● George Simon Ohm (1789-1845), British physicist ● James Prescott Joule, British scientist ● Robert Brown (1773-1858), British botanist ● A demonstration of the Foucault pendulum ● Jenner's remedy for smallpox ● A baby's head is examined by a phrenologist ● Cranioscopy, 19th century ● The Argand Lamp ● Louis-Joseph Daguerre, inventor of photography ● A Prescription for Scolding Wives ● An "antimaniacal device." ● The first manned balloon flight, November 1783 ● Montgolfier's balloon descends, 1783 ● Balloon flight, Paris, December 1783 ● Reception after the Robert brothers' flight, 1784 ● The first balloon flight undertaken for science   



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